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What type of materials do you accept?

We accept anything related to computers or high-tech equipment.

  • CPUs
  • PCs
  • Cell phones
  • Game consoles
  • PDAs
  • Fax machines
  • Printers
  • Cables & wire
  • Monitors
  • Test equipment
  • Semiconductor fabrication equipment

How quickly can you help us?

We generally respond within 24 hours and often can provide same day service.

What do you do with all the stuff?

We break hardware down into its base constituent parts and distribute them into their respective recycling streams – metals, plastics, circuit boards, cardboard, wire & cable – even packaging is recycled.

Are you environmentally friendly?

Absolutely. We do not generate any toxic waste, fumes or particulate matter into the atmosphere because our operation is strictly mechanical in nature. There is no burning, melting, grinding or chemical bathing to reduce our electronic waste down to its constituent recyclable waste stream. More than 95% of what we accept for recycling is in fact, recycled.

We only generate a small amount of scrap electronic stuff – how can you help us?

We can drop off a container(s) at your facility. When it’s full, we’ll collect it.

What about reporting – can I get a record of what you recycled?

Yes. We provide documentation that details materials received – weights, amounts, etc.  We also provide a Certificate of Destruction, which verifies that your product has been destroyed or processed to your requirements.