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To meet your company’s specific requirements, All Computer Resource offers an array of services that can be used individually or combined into a single process flow. Our services include:

  • Computer hardware and general e-waste dismantling and recycling
  • CRT/monitor recycling
  • Printed circuit board recycling
  • Software destruction (disk, tape, paper, etc.)
  • Finished goods and excess inventory remarketing
  • Peripheral testing and remarketing: disk drives, tape drives, etc.
  • Liquidation services (down-sizing, clean-outs, bankruptcies, insurance claims, etc.)
  • Certified destruction of proprietary products and information

We also offer a free Santa Clara County Consumer Drop Off Location (Monday – Friday, 8:30 am – 3:30 pm).

Customized recycling/remarketing programs:

All Computer Resource will work with your organization to develop a cost-effective, hassle-free and efficient program that includes one or more of our services. We do this without compromising your security and maintain the strictest levels of confidentiality.  Our testing, asset recovery, remarketing and certified destruction programs handle all types of high-tech materials. These include finished goods, capital equipment, end-of-life products, and manufacturing rejects.

Material tracking and reporting:

For every lot of material that is processed at All Computer Resource we provide:

  • A Settlement Report, which details the precise weights and descriptions of commodities recycled.
  • A Certificate of Destruction. A guarantee that proprietary materials you have entrusted to our care are destroyed or otherwise rendered unusable in the open market.

These reports reconcile all of the commodities received by weight for tracking purposes. The Certificate of Destruction verifies that your product has been destroyed or processed in the manner per your requirements.

Excess inventory liquidation:

With our experience in the area of high-tech remarketing, we obtain returns that you will find highly competitive for excess/obsolete inventory without the hassle and overhead of remarketing the products yourself.

Clean up is just a phone call away:

We are here to assist you - efficiently and without delay.  Give us a call, we'll be there.