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Your time is valuable.  Leave your e-waste concerns to us.  We provide an easy, efficient and environmentally-friendly solution to your e-waste disposal requirements.

Benefits of choosing All Computer Resource:

Ease of use and efficiency:

Call or email us and we’ll respond promptly.  We specialize in timely response when you need it, generally within 24 hours.  You can drop off e-waste materials ($0 fee) or we can provide collection bins at your site and recover them when full.

We have the expertise to handle your requirements:

From collection of e-waste materials to recycling and documentation of the process. All aspects of our business model are focused on our customers’ specific requirements and designed to be efficient and eco-friendly.

Responsible e-waste recycling methods:

Our simplified process generates no toxic waste, no fumes, particulate matter, drainage or other pollutants.  Better than 95% of the e-waste materials we process are reduced to their base constituent elements to later be manufactured and re-used again in everyday products, similar to the original product that was recycled!

All Computer Resource serves the large, medium and small business community.